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Registration for the V. Word Organic Forum

I hereby register as a participant for the V. World Organic Forum 2022:

I will participate in … (please select accordingly) (*)

At this point it is only possible to register for the livestream of the presentations of the V. World Organic Forum.

Registration for workshops is no longer possible.






I will participate in the following workshops (one workshop per session possible):

Workshops session 1: Tuesday, June 28, in the afternoon (held in parallel). (*)
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Organic Farming as a Model for the Implementation of SDGs (in English)
Developing a Grid to Validate SDG Regions (part 1, with part 2 on Wednesday) (in English)
Carbon Farming and Climate Farming as a Lever for the Implementation of the SDGs (in English)
Political and Media Communication of the SDGs in Regional Contents. How Do I Successfully Communicate the 2030 Agenda? (in German)
I will not participate in any workshop during workshop session 1.

Workshop session 2: Thursday, 30.06., in the morning (held in parallel) (*)
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Project „SDGs go local“ - The Example of the City of Nuremberg (in German)
Community Building Through Regenerative Agriculture (in English)
Bio-Musterregion Hohenlohe: A SDG Region in Germany (in German)
Climate and Seeds – 30 Percent Organic Farming With 80 Percent Conventional Seeds in Germany - Change by Localizing the SDGs in the Region? (in German)
Successful Development of an Organic Region Network Illustrated by the Example of the Global Alliance of Organic Districts (in English)
I am not participating in any workshop in workshop session 2.

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